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Broken Well: #2 Destiny's Rift

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Author: Sam Bowring

Product Category: Top -> Fiction -> Fiction: Age Groups -> Fiction: Age 15 - 16

Published: November 2013
Published By: Orbit Books
Product Description
War is coming.
A war that will finally end the struggle between Kainordas and Fenvarrow, the lands of shadow and light.
It is foretold that a blue-haired man will be the ultimate victor, and lead his people into a glorious age of dominance.
The only problem - there are two of them.
Bel sets forth to retrieve the Stone of Evenings Mild, his sole chance to reunite with his darker half, Losara...but the Stone has been stolen by an undead mage of questionable allegiance and is hidden in the lair of an insane dragon. Meanwhile, Losara grows dangerously curious about his other self, and devises a weapon so uncontrollable, it frightens even him.

ISBN-13: 9780733624346
Reading Level: Secondary
Format: Paperback
Size: 180x110mm
Pages: 410
Publisher: Orbit Books
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Broken Well: #2 Destiny's Rift

Broken Well: #2 Destiny's Rift
  • RRP: $19.99
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Broken Well: #3 Soul's Reckoning
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