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Top Tales Book Club

Top Tales provide quality children's books at discounted prices to make books accessible for all. We work with parents and teachers to help develop a child's love of reading from birth. In everything we do and every book we choose we strive to ensure that we are:

  • Fostering a love of literature
  • Encouraging language development
  • Developing an appreciation of various illustration styles
  • Expanding a child's imagination
  • Promoting literacy
  • Creating an awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures

Our books are chosen by experts in the industry based on the quality of the story, illustrations and characters and the interests and learning needs of children in Australia today. Our range of books cover diverse genres and we always ensure that there is a book in our range that is perfect for every child.

How it works

Top Tales send a box of children's books to child care centres around Australia on a regular basis throughout the year. Each box offers a quality range of books from the classics to the latest releases and children's favourites. All the books are discounted at up to 60% off the recommended retail price.

We provide you with a range of promotional materials to help you let parents know that the books are in your centre. The books are from a range of genres and we ensure that each offer is diverse enough that there is a picture book in the box that is perfect for every child in your centre.

All we ask you to do is to display the books prominently in your centre, put up the poster where all parents can see it and perhaps mention the Top Tales books in your newsletter. We often provide you with a synopsis of one of our favourite books that you might like to use in your newsletter.

What's in it for our centre/school?

Our free bonus book system is a great way to help ease the budget constraints we all have on replenishing and growing our libraries. The table below outlines how it works

Sales Free Bonus Books
$70-$120 10 % of order value in FREE books
$120-$220 15 % of order value in FREE books
$220+ 20 % of order value in FREE books

Your FREE books are taken from the box we supply you.

How do I start Top Tales?

For more information or to sign up to receive Top Tales Book Club call us on 1800 182 096 or email us at
Top Tales Book Club

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