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The Little Refugee

Author: Anh Do and Suzanne Do
Giant waves crashed down on our little boat. I was terrified but my mum hugged me tight and told me, 'Everything will be okay. Don't worry, it will be okay.' Anh Do nearly didn't m

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ISBN 9781742378329 • Hardback • 32 pages • 294x242mm • Allen and Unwin
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What do they do with all the Poo from all of the Animals at the Zoo?

Author: Anh Do
What do they do with all the poo, from all the animals at the zoo? The hippos, the tigers, the kangaroos-what do they do with all that poo? There is so much poo at the zoo... Where

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ISBN 9781760276324 • Hardback • 0 pages • • Scholastic
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